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Room 214

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This page is made from recycled electrons. The slight variations in spelling and grammar enhance its character and beauty and should not be considered flaws. 

All upcoming school-wide events are on the school's site - I'll try to avoid duplication

Reading Comprehension     Book One     Book Two   

Science Science   Matter Unit 

Weekly Tasks   LINKS Math Games


2019 2020 Class code for Google Classroom is nprir5g(use your Google user id)

 Class code for Knowledge Hook  is spark5755. 

 Gym is on Days  1 and 4 Music is on Days 2 and 5.  Book exchange is on Days 3 and 8.

= Collected     TU = Took Up     HB = Handed back    HO - handed out      WIP - Work in Progress HW = complete for tomorrow if you didn't finish it during class      unJ - unJournaling task     LCW - Lessons that Changed Writers  Week by Week

Canadian Reader and What in the World






Past information has been archived.


Motivation is what gets you started.  

Habit is what keeps you going.  Jim Ryun

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 With almost thirty cutters, the floor remained in good shape.

September 16, 2015


17 minutes of independent reading


October 11, 2016 



Language - 15 minutes of independent reading

TU - Weekly tasks from last week, then reading comprehension, math (6x6), and cursive writing

Using Prepositional Phrases - Practice 3 HW - #1 to 3

Math - finish up Friday's graph - there will be a surprise quiz (using our Weekly Words results from last week) tomorrow...don't tell anyone.

Science - p. 10 Changes to the Properties of Materials. (Try the second experiment at home before next Monday.)


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